To cut a long story short..

It was back in 1987 when i got a worldwide distinction at a children's art contest in Kanagawa in Japan. That distinction gave me a school nickname : Proestilo (as a "tribute" from my school mates). From that day i took a huge ride in life, until i found myself in 2011, deciding that the only thing worth fighting for, was the purity and love of my artwork. So i started Walking the Walk. Everything made longer sense. The music, the hidden messages behind "If"."The Road Less Traveled", the true power of color and not the trend. Each word from Bukowski's "All the way". Like another "Seagull named Jonathan Levingston. All the pieces of the puzzle were became truthfully connected as one.  From that point i keep on creating. For those who can feel the energy of my work and all the joyful and optimistic feelings that come along-with. With sincere respect, welcome to my world of colors!  

Angelos "Proestilo" Proestos.      

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